DUAB Hosts Community Meeting

Last week the Distressed Unit Appeals Board (DUAB) hosted a community meeting at Northside Middle School as part of their process to determine the future of Muncie Schools. Reports from the MCS included Dr. Baule and various school board members, including board president Debbie Fieck. Steve Edwards, AA Emergency Manager, and Administrator Assistance co-owner, Steve Wittenauer also provided fiscal reports.

Ten community members elected to share their thoughts on the district’s future with some voicing support and others critical of the district.

In positive news released earlier that day, Ball State University has purchased the Northside Middle School campus for $1.27 million. A lease-back agreement for $1 per year will allow the district to continue using the facility for another five years. BSU will also provide $60,000 annually to the “fiscally impaired” district for building maintenance.

The DUAB is expected to decide by December 2, 2017, to either turn the district back over to administration or declare it a “fiscally distressed” district, which will allow a state takeover.


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