We get questions . . .

Question: Please tell me what is planned to attract and retain incoming kindergarteners? Focusing on this demographic is surely the most efficient way to address declining enrollment. I think the dual-immersion program at Westview will be a draw. What about a Montessori or a Science-Nature Magnet at one of the other schools? Perhaps it seems counterintuitive to focus on new ideas, but it will take enthusiasm and innovation to draw families back in or keep them from leaving in the first place.

EMT response: You are absolutely correct that it will take enthusiasm and innovation to draw students back and retain them. That is a very high priority for the Emergency Management Team, and one we will be spending a great deal of time and energy in planning.

It’s premature at this point to discuss any specific plans, but kindergarten-age students will be a crucial piece. We will be looking for additional input and recommendations from the community and MCS staff. Stay tuned!

 Question: I just finished reading the article about the Middle School considerations. Abruptly Close North? Has this not been discussed for the last ten years? What is so abrupt about that? The plan that was on the table was innovative and could possibly move the needle on education in Muncie.

EMT response: At this point in the year, closing Northside for the 2018-2019 school year would, indeed, be abrupt. Many decisions that require careful consideration and considerable input must be made prior to that decision. Our priority is to do what is best for the students of Muncie and any innovative programming cannot be established in such a brief timeframe with an expectation of success. Does closing the building make sense? Absolutely. But we must balance that with the quality education that our students deserve.


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