Emergency Manager’s Report 1/24/2018

Work of the Emergency Management Team

It is the intent of the Emergency Management Team to work as collaboratively as possible with the Muncie Community Schools Board of School Trustees, all stakeholders and community partners.

The EMT will be responsible for making decisions and providing leadership, but does not intend to do so in a vacuum. We believe in shared leadership and value the input of all stakeholders.

We will strive to be transparent and good partners for those in the community and the school system and will work toward improving MCS.  We have been pleased to have this opportunity to assist MCS.

High School Graduation Rate

In the spirit of being transparent and responsible for finding solutions to issues, we have asked the Central High School Principal, Chris Walker, and the Director of Curriculum, Cassandra Shipp, to report to the Board this evening on a recent issue regarding the 2017 Central High School graduation rate.  The Indiana Department of Education, each year, randomly selects a number of Indiana High Schools and audits their graduation rates.  Central High School was selected for 2017 audit and documentation errors were found in the school’s reporting documents which ultimately had a negative impact on the graduation rate previously reported by the school.

Mr. Walker and Ms. Shipp will discuss the documentation errors and explain the steps being implemented to correct this issue going forward.

Facility Update – SMS Pool

A heating line in the HVAC unit above the swimming pool at Southside Middle School froze and burst leaking chemicals (rust inhibitor) into the water.  This was discovered the afternoon of January 16th.  Currently, the pool is out of commission.

After the pool was drained approximately six feet to assist in filtering out the chemicals leaked from the pipe, the old paint in the gutters dried out.  As a result, the paint cracked and splintered.  Due to the nature of the paint’s structure to allow it to withstand the constant water and chemicals, these cracks formed jagged and sharp edges, capable of cutting into the skin.  SSC devoted as many maintenance crew members as they could to this project, and they spent the day yesterday scraping and sanding the gutters to remove the dangerous dried paint and are in the process of repainting the gutters.

The paint requires a 7-day cure time to be ready for water and wear and tear of swimmers.  Ceiling tiles over the pool and deck area damaged by the leak in the HVAC line are also being replaced.   The SMS and NMS swim teams are currently practicing in the Central High School pool.  The goal will be to get the pool opened at SMS the week of February 5th.

I want to give a shout out to Paul Dytmire and SSC for their fast and professional attention to this problem with the SMS pool.  This is exactly the kind of work they did in getting the water line repaired in quick fashion at East Washington Academy a couple weeks ago.

Activity Update

In most ways, the issues the Emergency Management Team has faced after assuming responsibility for decision-making in the Muncie Community Schools are the same any school administrator would face in overseeing the day-to-day operation of a school corporation, but here is a brief rundown.

The Emergency Management Team has

  • held meetings with all administrators and with the Superintendent’s cabinet
  • met with representatives of Chartwells
  • participated along with Bob Coddington and Dr. Baule in a conference call for the review of the district’s credit rating
  • worked with the Assistant Superintendent, the Curriculum Director and the Director of Elementary Education
  • continued to maintain our close daily working relationship with CFO Bob Coddington

We are pleased the board and the district have continued with the board luncheons and I am told the luncheon this past Monday at Grissom went well.  I apologize for not being able to attend.

New Team Member

Dr. John Williams has joined the Emergency Management Team as Chief-of-Staff.  Dr. Williams is a retired superintendent who has worked for some time as a consultant with Administrator Assistance.  He has worked with Muncie Community Schools on a consulting assignment in recent years and is familiar with several members of the administrative staff.  He is an excellent addition to the Emergency Management Team.


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