Emergency Manager’s Report 2/13/2018


Friday evening, February 9, Emergency Manager Steve Edwards spoke at the beginning of the special meeting of the Muncie Redevelopment Commission (MRC).  He outlined the role the Emergency Manager had by law in selling MCS properties and let members of the Commission and the public know all appropriate laws had been followed in the marketing and sale of MCS properties. His comments were brief and he left the meeting after speaking.

At the meeting, the MRC decided to not go forward with the purchase of Mitchell, Storer or Sutton Elementary Schools at this time.

We are disappointed the MRC has decided not to purchase the properties but believe there are other interested parties who may submit purchase bids.  The Emergency Manager is working with the attorney for the EMT to determine how to proceed.


At the request of the Emergency Manager, Dr. Baule met with representatives of the MCS insurance company and contractors on February 6, to discuss the repairs of the Fieldhouse storm damage.  There have been discussions with individuals who are interested in the historical nature of the fieldhouse to determine if funding would be available for other repairs if the building were designated a historical building.  Mr. Edwards will have additional discussions about this matter.  Jim McWhirt, a member of the Emergency Management Team is also involved, and we intend to gather as much information as possible about not only the storm damage but other repairs needed to the fieldhouse with associated costs.


With the expanded role the Emergency Management Team was given beginning January 1, 2018, it has been necessary to add a few new members to the team to adequately complete the work.

John Williams was previously introduced.  Dr. Williams will be assisting me with the oversight of total operations and directing the efforts of the EMT as well as working with current MCS administrators.  Dr. Williams is a retired Superintendent.

Jim McWhirt will be working with operations.  He will be reviewing the non-educational operations of the school district and looking for additional efficiencies in spending and program operation. Mr. McWhirt will be in the school district two days a week.  He is a retired school business official.

Betsy Biederstedt will be working with MCS school administrators and the elementary instructional staff in reviewing elementary instructional programming to determine ways the programming might be enhanced.  Dr. Biederstedt is a retired school principal.  Her time in the district will be limited.

Dawn Puckett will be working with MCS school administrators and the secondary instructional staff in reviewing secondary instructional programming to determine ways the programming might be enhanced. She has expertise in technology integration and will be working some with Tony Harvey and his staff to review the district’s technology plans. Ms. Puckett is a retired school superintendent.  Her time in the district will be limited.


Mr. McWhirt, Dr. Biederstedt, and Ms. Puckett will not be evaluating staff.  They will provide another perspective to the work of the district and will be reviewing programs with the assistance of current administrators.

They will be able to provide advice on how to enhance the instructional programs and the case of Mr. McWhirt, the non-instructional programs.

The new EMT members will not be taking on the work of current MCS school administrators.  They are here to help with the work.


Steve Wittenauer and Gilbert Crimmins, co-owners of Administrator Assistance, will continue in their role as senior advisors to the EMT.

Paul Pfledderer will increase his time in the Business Office to serve in the capacity of the CFO.  He has been working with Mr. Coddington one day a week.

Donna Petraits will continue to serve as the Public Relations Officer for the EMT.


The EMT is pleased with the support all stakeholder groups have provided especially the teachers and the Muncie Teachers Association.  The MTA has been extremely positive from day one.

We appreciate the cooperation the Board and MCS administrators have demonstrated.

Together we are making progress.


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