The Administrator Assistance (AA) Emergency Management Team hired by the Distressed Unit Appeals Board (DUAB) in June, has pledged to work aggressively to resolve the Muncie Community Schools’ financial crisis and maintain an open and transparent communication campaign with MCS stakeholders.

The immediate priority of the team is to get a complete picture of MCS’ financial status by reviewing current health insurance contributions to employees to determine compliance with State statutes; examining other property that might be sold beyond the three elementary sites already determined, assessing the efficient use of available revenues, and exploring potential revenue streams to meet the needs of MCS.

This is not business as usual at this critical time for MCS, thus, it is the priority of the AA Emergency Management Team to, not only be clear about the goals, but to also maintain regular, open and transparent communication about the process and findings.

MCS has already experienced significant hardship, and certainly more difficult decisions will need to be made.  The AA Emergency Management Team will do everything it can to minimize the student impact of this process and the resulting plan. It will take ALL OF US, in a spirit of cooperation and compromise, to restore financial health and make Muncie Community Schools stronger than ever.

Personnel from Administrator Assistance who will be working with MCS administrators and staff include:

  • Steve Wittenauer, co-owner of Administrator Assistance
  • Steve Edwards, Emergency Manager, retired school superintendent
  • Paul Pledderer, financial consultant, retired business manager
  • Donna Petraits, communications consultant, executive director of the Indiana Chapter of the National School Public Relations Association